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Tax Lien Investing

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Tax lien investing is among the list of Simplest ways to produce a steady stream of income in most markets. It will need a

little research to learn the ropes nonetheless it is well worth your time. It’s possible and not extremely tough to earn 20% or even more on your money with little or no risk if you know what you are doing.

A little background that should be known already , counties raise money with property taxes. If the owner of the property fails to pay the tax, the amount of the tax becomes a lien against the property. The beautiful thing for investors is the fact that this lien supersedes any other judgments against the property including the mortgage. This means that in the event the homeowner doesn’t pay the property tax then you definitely as the lien holder get title for the property before bank that holds the mortgage. Consequently, the lending company itself will pay the lien off (with any interest) just to protect their investment decision. The best part is that the penalties for not paying these tax liens are Massive. The laws vary by state nevertheless, you can readily expect you’ll make a safe 12-20% from all of these instruments.

Why does the county sell these liens to begin with? Because they need the income now to be able to spend on schools, police, etc. By state statute, each county is authorized to recover the taxes due that remain unpaid simply by selling at public auction, either a Tax Lien Certificate or a Tax Deed.

Learning tax Lien investing and Tax Deed investing is a very genuine method to earn top notch stream of income. The goal of this site is to help you understand how the method works and how you can benefit from it.

If this is such a good way to make huge returns consequently why doesn’t everyone do it? That’s what I asked myself personally right up until I started tax lien investing. It definitely took lots of exploration before I knew how to proceed and the way to actually buy these things. After a couple of months of calling counties and getting lists of tax liens available for sale, I discovered that you can acquire these items on the internet in a lot of counties….the point is…it took alot of my time and effort before I figured that out and the majority of people would’ve given up before that. These days, with the stock exchange down double digits already , I’m earning an average of 16% on liens in the united states. So how can you get rolling?

You will find a large number of counties in the states, and each one holds separate sales for their own tax liens.

There are a variety of methods you’ll be able to take at this time. To keep it simple, I would recommend researching your own county first. Read the treasurer’s page on the county website and discover :

- When will the county be conducting another Tax Sale?

- Where will the sale happen? (Get the address, room, and time of sale)

- How can I get a directory of the Tax Liens/Properties to be auctioned? (Sometimes, the county may have copies offered at their offices. Almost certainly they will send you to a local newspaper that prints the sale notice and list of properties or liens to be sold)

- How do i obtain the Rules of the Sale? (The terms and conditions of the sale including pre-registration requirements and methods of payment).

- If a it’s a lien sale, what is the interest rate? How is it calculated?

- Does the county have any unsold Tax Lien Certificates or properties from the last sale?

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